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Economics with Justice

October 27, 2010

This fresh and innovative approach to economics considers principles relating to the major areas of economic study on the basis that economics in practice should have a just and equitable outcome for all those participating in or affected by the economy. Economics is approached as a human study, involving all of humanity, and humanity has to be seen in its context within nature and the universe. This is the starting point.

Importing considerations of justice, equity and nature’s laws into understanding how economic laws work offers much brighter prospects for planetary health and human prosperity. This approach offers an economic analysis that emphasises nature as the source of wealth and sustainer of life, and human society as an agent of distribution.

For those who are interested, there are two further courses available. The first sets economics in its historical context by considering the progress of economic thought and practice to explain how the global economy and its attendant problems evolved. The second addresses the related questions of economic growth, sustainability and human development. Additional courses are available from time to time according to demand and opportunity.

The first week of the Course this year will be from Tuesday 14th January to Saturday 17th January. Course fees are £75. There is a flat rate for students of £20 per course.

Economics sessions are repeated on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings

For further details and enrolment visit economicswithjustice

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