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How to Make Britain Grow – The Land Value Tax

August 30, 2011

In the July issue of the Magazine Prospect Pier Carlo , economist of the OECD, wrote an article on “How to make Britain Grow” offering advice on what the UK can do to get itself out of the situation where economic recovery appears to have stalled. He was broadly in favour of the cuts but argues that on their own they are probably not sufficient. Amongst his suggestions are changes to the tax system. These include a need to link taxation to property values a preferred OECD policy. by Simon Wilson of Moneyweek took up this point in an article on “Should we have a Land Value Tax.” . This is a balanced but  positive article explaining the advantages of the tax. It notes there is a range of support from across the political spectrum. It includes suggestions that taxing land would ensure land is put to good use and also that, by curbing  the speculative element of property prices  it could assist with dealing with the issue of the next generation not being able to afford to buy their own homes.

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